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A quiet revolution in sports floodlighting has occurred with the introduction of LED floodlighting systems.

This revolution will result in traditional filament-based floodlighting becoming a thing of the past.

LED Floodlighting – The Facts

The fast evolving technology promises to save on running costs, add precision wireless luminosity and directional control, improve reliability and vastly increase the effectiveness of floodlights in sporting applications.

Replacement for existing floodlights

Straightforward substitution of floodlight units by using existing masts.

Huge savings on running costs for high night-time use venues.

Tilt and Rotatable – Easy Aiming and Optimised Light Uniformity

With each unit wirelessly controlled it is easy to adapt the floodlighting system in terms of brightness, direction and volume coverage. Sport specific settings easily stored.

Sports Pitch Floodlighting
Sports Pitch Floodlighting
Sports Pitch Floodlighting
Sports Pitch Lighting