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After the playing surface, the fencing system that surround a facility is most important.

Pitch and Track utilise only the finest materials and well proven fence construction for their client’s projects.

Fencing – Types and Features

When selecting fence components and systems it is important to consider fitness for purpose, durability, maintenance and aesthetics.

As well as the perimeter you may have need of some or all of the following:

  • Ball stop fencing
  • Spectator rails
  • Goal recesses
  • Sports specific fences such as Hockey Fencing
  • Rebound boards
  • Pitch dividers
  • Multi Use Games Area – MUGA – fences and equipment

Some examples of fences and components is shown in our slide show.

Multi Use Games Area -
MUGA - Fence
Pitch Surround Fence
with Spectator Rail
Weldmesh Fence
with Sign
Pitch Surround
with Gated Area
Pitch Surround with
Recessed Goal Storage
Multi Use Games Area -
MUGA - Fence