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Design and Planning…

Feasibility study

The design brief will list the components and features of the project and will be the product of taking into account the wishes of all stake holders. These will include the owners, managers, users and neighbours.

Before any project gets of the ground it is necessary to work that establishes whether the project is viable.

A simple example to illustrate this is the answer to the question is there enough space for the facility envisaged to fit?

If the answer to this simple question is “no” then the project cannot move ahead.

Similarly other critical factors can be considered and added to the decision making process. Is there sufficient funding? Is the project sustainable. Is the site suitable? And so on.

The design

If and when the project is viewed as being viable then a detailed design that takes into account all the factors emerging during the feasibility study will be created.

This will then be circulated and any matters arising dealt with or included as amendments.

On completion of this stage the project can go forward either to the planning stage (if planning permission is required) or to the construction phase (if planning permission is not required).

Pitch and Track are experienced in the design phases of sports facility projects and act on your behalf in matters of planning consent.


Planning permission

Every new build of a sports facility be it a Multi Use Games Area – MUGA, Synthetic Turf Pitch – STP, tennis court, cricket pitch, 3G rugby pitch, 3G football pitch or running track will require planning permission if the facility is to be built.

It usually takes between 8 and 12 weeks for a correctly presented application to be approved. Any mistakes at the stage of planning application can be fatal to the project’s progress. The best course is to let Pitch and Track assist with this stage.

Improvement and enhancement proved

Applicants must demonstrate that the project enhances any existing facilities by improving quality and accessibility for example or provides a new facility that will increase availability to meet increases in future demand.

Sustainability demonstrated

Projects must be sustainable.

Adequate provision for maintenance and eventual replacement of surface and associated equipment must be made.

The environmental impact minimised

Does the project make use of low energy solutions such as LED lighting?

Is the risk of flooding minimised?

Are recycled materials be used where possible?

What other green solutions have been included?

The sports…

The services…