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There are several phases in the construction of a synthetic pitch or athletics track project.

Each phase has to be carefully planned and executed if the final result is to be a success.

The Brief

The first step is to establish exactly what the answer to a client’s requirements is.

This is done by careful consideration of the following:

  • Activities that the facility is to be used for
  • The frequency of use
  • Local conditions and constraints
  • The budget
  • Space available
  • The availability and proximity of utilities (electric supply and drainage for example)
  • Site access
  • Maintenance programme – in-house and external services
Base Levelling
Pitch Drainage Installation
Shockpad Laying
Shockpad Smoothing
Sand Spreading on Pitch
Sand Dressing Pitch


After the brief has been drawn up Pitch and Track will formulate a plan to deliver the project.

As well as detailing the construction the plan will have a full schedule that includes key stages in the construction and full cost projection.

Project Management

Control of materials and methods is essential.

Pitch and Track take care to use high quality materials when constructing a sports facility.

Checking of quality on site as each key stage is reached is the only way to ensure that the facility is being built to design.

We encourage clients to be involved at all stages of the construction.


At completion, the client conducts a final review of the finished project with Pitch and Track. A schedule for the completion of any outstanding tasks is drawn up and actioned.

Post Construction – Maintenance is Essential

A detailed programme will have been drawn up at the design stage.

This is now handed over and post construction maintenance begins.

Some regular tasks will be carried out and recorded by the client. More intensive tasks called for by the programme will be handled by Pitch and Track.

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