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Competition Facilities

Competition facilities for athletics may include the following:

  • Football pitch
  • Standard track
  • Long and Triple Jump facility
  • Water jump
  • Javelin Throw facility
  • Discus and Hammer Throw facility
  • Discus Throw facility
  • Pole Vault facility
  • Pole Vault facility
  • High Jump facility
  • Finish line
Athletics Track,
Athletics Track,

Types of Surfaces for Athletics Tracks and Athletics Facilities

Surfacing is available in several types. The main types of athletics surface are split into two groups: permeable and non-permeable. These then split into sub-groups: those that are constructed in situ (on site), those that are prefabricated (off site) and combinations of these.

Pitch and Track are experts in this field and can help clients select the most appropriate system for their athletics facility.

Athletics Track and Athletics Facility Performance Requirments

The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) lay down many criteria for performance. In general s surface used for athletics should be effective and durable.

To be effective the surface must be even over the lifetime of the facility. The surface system must also have been installed at the correct thickness.

The following parameters of the surface, when measured, must meet the required standard for each: evenness, force reduction, vertical deformation, friction, tensile properties, colour and drainage.

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