• Pitch Grooming or Raking
  • Pitch Drag Brushing
  • VertiAir Pitch Maintenance
  • Eliminator Pitch Maintenance
  • Resanded Pitch
  • Removal of Debris from Pitch
  • Power Washing Pitch
Pitch Grooming or Raking1 Pitch Drag Brushing2 VertiAir Pitch Maintenance3 Eliminator Pitch Maintenance4 Resanded Pitch5 Removal of Debris from Pitch6 Power Washing Pitch7


Pro active Maintenance Adds Years to Useful Life

The key to effective maintenance is to be pro active. Act before problems have built up to crisis point.

Everyone can help with day-to-day routine maintenance tasks like keeping areas tidy - removing litter, self-seeded plants, leaves and other debris.

Managers and maintainers of facilities can ensure that walk-on/walk-off mats and areas are in place and working properly. That is removing soil and contamination before it gets on the surface.

However, larger scale maintenance operations are a necessary part of the ongoing maintenance that all facilities regularly need.

These larger scale maintenance operations include:

  • Pitch Grooming or Raking - helps the pile of longer pile grasses to stand upright
  • Drag Brushing - to redistribute infill. Usually from the edges to the middle of a pitch
  • Verti-Air - a rotary brush with compressed air lifts material from the turf, sifts out the debris and returns the clean, dry and de-compacted infill
  • The Eliminator - removes material using a soft rotating brush. The conveyor belt delivers the material to a collector driven alongside
  • Re-sanding - refills the sand-filled surface with the correct grade of sand
  • Power Washing - removes debris and contamination from surfaces using high pressure water

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